03 Aug 2010
Interesting site dedicated to evolutionism vs. creationism "controversy": Index to Creationist Claims

03 Mar 2010
TkSLIDE distribution page "refresh"

01 Mar 2010
I published some SNOBOL4 examples on RosettaCode

24 May 2009
TkSLIDE "featured" here.
Check the site for other interesting entries.

19 May 2008
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20 Mar 2008
"I'm surprised anyone has an IDE for SNOBOL these days."[1]
Well, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!", either.

19 Mar 2008

Artur C. Clarke
16 Dec 1917 - 19 Mar 2008

23 Oct 2007
New, standalone, full of new exciting features TkS*LIDE ver. 0.26+ ready for download

19 Oct 2007
TkS*LIDE 0.24 ready for download

5 Sep 2007
TkS*LIDE "action video" added.

30 Aug 2007
Toolbox updated.
TkS*LIDE tested with Evolane's eTCL.
It seems the Snobol4 CVS at ultimate.com is now online (again).

28 Oct 2006
Snobol4 Mailing List reactivated (Yahoo! Group)
Click here to join snobol

5 Oct 2006

Ralph E. Griswold
9 May 1934 - 4 Oct 2006

13 May 2006 - new Vim files
- snobol4 syntax file
- snobol4 ftplugin
- my timelog version

25 Nov 2005 - snobol4 binary
If you want to build the CSnobol4 on new Linux computer you'll probably need this (statically linked, UPX-packed snobol4 binary). Tested on SuSE and Ubuntu.
By the way - CSNOBOL4 comes now with DBM interface.

06 Jun 2005 - New design by petrOlly

19 Mar 2005 TkS*LIDE 0.18 ready for download

20 Jan 2005 pojwI' 2.7.1
'-f' switch (file analysis) added.

02 Sep 2004 Snobol4 GUI Support
Great news! Phil Budne's CSNOBOL4 has support for Tcl/Tk!
How does it look?
GUI interface for simple grep-like script
... and results

11 Aug 2004 tlhIngan Hol
Few tools for Klingon Linux users.

08 Jun 2004 Polish menu update
for some reasons *NOT* included in Vim 6.3[menu files]


In an era of circuses, the one with the most clowns wins.
--Richard Kadrey


Rafal M. Sulejman






unix administration/programming


My server is 'poczta.onet.pl', my login 'rms'...


scripting for fun and profit, automatisation
Computer archeology
ancient languages, trashware, old computer books
Star Trek
TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT, ST Movies (I-IX, tenth wasn't *so* good), (T)raumschiff Surprise ;)
Battlestar Galactica
the new one, of course! Ron D. Moore: you're making a hell of a good job!
Martial Arts movies
Jet Li rules... when Jackie Chan sleeps ;)
Playing guitar(s)
acoustic, bass, dombra


Interesting links

Great reading stuff at KGB Report (Observations by and for the vaguely disenchanted by Kevin G. Barkes)
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Vim editor
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Dictionary at Leo.org

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Company site - PHP/PostgreSQL
Blank page - yet another site I'm maintaining


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